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Let's Make A Change Together

Help support the work we're doing by Donating or becoming a Member! 


If you can't afford to... Below also lists other ways you can help:

In the Mail

PO Box 26421

Los Angeles, CA 90026


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

Become a Member

Give on a monthly basis. 

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We also offer a $5 Monthly Supporter Level!

This level has no perk items however is still a tax deductible donation. 


ProjectQ would not be possible without our supporters.

We are proud to recognize our $25+ members!

Adam Parton

Adriana Yugovich

Alba Lopez

Amanda Styron

Amila Cooray

Asher Hartman

Ashley Vike

Brandi Perryman

Brenna MacNaughton

Brian Magno

Brit Cervantes

Brittany Ringer

Caitlin Mullan

Caitlin Ward

Cal Bigari

Caroline Thrasher

Catherine Hope Gavin

Chauna Bryant

Christel Miller

Claudia Gomez

Daisy Julian

Damiana Consulting Inc

Daniela Chisolm

Dannie Cesena

David Austin Bond

Dev Thompson

Emily Brennan

Erin Bradley

Erin Rein

Fay Fay Ye

Felicia Carbajal

Foster Wilson

Gabriel Lew

Gabrielle Zerbib

Grace May

Ian Schiffer

Jaena Sta. Ana

J. Cagz

Jane Keene

Jamillah James

Jeffrey Baum

Jennifer Hannah-Murphy

JHM Wood Crafts

Josh Stehlik

Judy Elkind

Justine Gonzalez

Karen Tongson

Katharine Jessup

Katrina Schaffer

Kelly Phelan

Lana Abou Assi

Lena Kassof

Lena Randolph

Leah Weinberg

Louisa Lawler

Lyn Wu

Maria Leon

Maureen Dugan

Megan Hargoder

Megan Marcus

Meg Byrne

Melissa Workman

Meredith Hankins

Michael Long

Michella Rivera-Gravage

Monica Zamora

Moses Freyre

Nancy Hsieh

Neal Whitson

Nicholas Beck

Nicholas Lesiecki

Nohemi Lopez

Ollie Linden

Patti Giggans

Paula Miley

Phoebe Kobabe

Plant Girl LA

Princess Tuipelehake-Flores

Provvidenza Catalano

Rachel Lewin

Regina Moore

Renee Taylor

Robin Cloud

Rory Gordon

Rosana Alcantar

Sabine Lopez

Saeromi Kim

Sarah L Burgess

Sarah Tomchesson

Sarah Williams

Savannah Steidinger-Ward

Scott Russell Cheek

Sea Krob

Sky Bigari

Sean Hurley

Sarah Tomchesson

Shakira Refos

Sharon Choi

Shannon Dedman

Shawn Kirkham

Shayne Haskens

Stephen Kidd

Susan Wendt

Syd Yang

Taneka Stotts

Tanya Ezrol

Tashi Rowe

Taylor Martin

Tiffany Tejeda

The Gender Doula

Thirty Two Salon & Spa

Thomas Greenwalt

Tracy Zhao

Tui Lyon

Val Hatcher

Vanessa Ortega

Vashti Windish Lancho

Victoria Higgins

Whit McClure

Get Involved

Donations are not the only way to help. 

We have an awesome Volunteer Program where you can assist us in many different ways.


Due to an overwhelming amount of Volunteer Applications,

our Volunteer Roster is currently full!

We're at Volunteer Capacity!

Visit Our Salon

ProjectQ Salon is queer poc owned and operated hair salon. We pride ourselves on being 100% inclusive and a safe space where everyone is welcome; regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, size, ability, and income.

Our stylists are highly skilled in curly hair, qpoc/poc hair, short hair, extreme color and gender affirming hair cuts!


While we are a full service salon with paying clients, 

this salon is apart of the ProjectQ Non-Profit Organization that gives free haircuts to LGBTQIA+ Youth.

We Are Open!!

ProjectQ Salon and Community Center now open for haircuts by appointment only!!

For Questions Please Call: 323.407.6676

4709 Fountain Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029

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