Our Programs


ProjectQ provides free gender-affirming haircuts, hair color, and wigs to LGBTQIA+ folx dealing with housing insecurities.


ProjectQ provides free Food & Hygiene Boxes to low income LGBTQIA+ youth and community members. 


ProjectQ provides free to low cost event space for other LGBTQIA+ / QTPOC / BIPOC Community Organizations and Members  


ProjectQ provides free self-empowering workshops, classes, and clinics to LGBTQIA+ folx dealing with housing insecurities. 


ProjectQ works with the LA LGBT Center Youth Employment Program to provide paid Internships to LGBTQIA+ youth. 


ProjectQ takes 'The Hairstream' across the United States to provide free haircuts to LGBTQIA+ folx dealing with housing insecurities 


ProjectQ provides free clothing, accessories, menstrual & hygienic products to LGBTQIA+ folx with housing insecurities.


ProjectQ accesses their extensive network of queer owned businesses to provide LGBTQIA+ youth with job placement options. 


ProjectQ created a weekly "art therapy" group for our older alumni youth who need additional community support.

ProjectQ is working towards implementing a bunch new programs.

Here's what we're working towards: 

On-site Mental Health Therapy, Body Empowerment Program, Computer Lab & Library,

and the ProjectQ Barber School!

Your donations help us implement these programs.

We believe that empowering LGBTQIA+ folxs will lead them to improved self worth and even acquiring housing! 

Our Mission

ProjectQ is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by Madin Ray Lopez. Our organization helps LGBTQIA+ youth navigate a world that perpetually tries to diminish them. Our mission is to use hair and self-empowerment as a form of social justice. 


ProjectQ provides free gender affirming haircuts, self empowering workshops, food & hygiene boxes, gender affirming clothing, chest binders, menstrual products, and so much more to LGBTQIA+ youth experiencing homelessness.


We Need Your Support Today!

The Hairstream

ProjectQ began as a mobile salon. 


After years of fundraising, 

ProjectQ purchased this 1977 Airstream and begun construction to turn this into the mobile self-esteem building salon. 


For the entire month of October 2018

the hairstream went on a US Tour thru middle America and the South to provide free haircuts to LGBTQ+ youth in

these underserved areas. 

We are hoping to go on another

US tour the in Spring 2021.

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Phone: (213) 617-8442

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